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Written Statements

For more than 27 years, I have been part of the Teamsters, working hard to take care of my family and plan for my retirement.  Every paycheck, my employer and I made a contribution to a pension fund.  When we voted on contracts, most of us understood we were taking a little less in paychecks to help assure our retirement years would be taken care of.

Now, as a lot of us are getting ready to retire, we are being told the pension plan fund (Central States) is going bankrupt.  None of us—workers or employers—did anything wrong.  We did our part.  I’m no expert on what all the problems are, or how to fix things.  That’s above my pay grade.  I do know one thing.  The time has come for Congress and the President to work together to find a solution that is fair to all of us.

Lee Coleman
Ohio Teamster for 27 years