Protect Our Workers Earned Retirement

We know millions of men and women work for years and years to earn a pension to
guarantee a retirement with the economic security they deserve.

We also know many American workers participate in what is known as multi-employer pension plans (MEPPs). These are collectively bargained employee plans maintained by more than one employer, to which more than one employer contributes.  They are designed to benefit both employee and employers by pooling risk and allowing for economy of scale.

However, this is changing and many MEPPs could face dire circumstances, because employers that once contributed to plans have simply gone out of business.  The status quo is simply not sustainable.  Plans are selling assets to pay current benefits.

This will become insolvent unless action is taken.  As many as 100 of these MEPPs could fail in the next 10 years should no reform occur. It is our goal to protect your earned retirement by influencing lawmakers to make reforms before it is too late. You can help us influence lawmakers by joining our coalition.

It is time for Congress and the President to take action.  Become part of POWER! (Protect Our Workers Earned Retirement!) and join in the effort to treat American retirees fairly.

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